Protx Risk

Insurance for Senior Living Facilities

Managing senior living facilities is not only a growing business in the United States, it’s also a social responsibility. That means when you are in charge of those facilities, from retirement and nursing homes to hospice care centers, you need to be sure you have the risk management plan that will cover any eventuality, like those offered through Protx Risk Management.

Elements of Senior Living Insurance

Like any specialty insurance for industry, the elements that make up a solid senior living facility plan are a combination of modifications of popular forms of business coverage and new innovations that specifically support your industry. In the case of senior living insurance, that means:

  • Focused coverage, from a provider that understands your industry thoroughly and devotes all their energy to it.
  • Underwriting for the specific risks that your facility faces, based on individualized factors from the level of care offered to physical characteristics of your campus.
  • Pricing alternatives that allow you to raise your coverage in areas where you decide your facility could use more, or to lower it in areas that you feel are less effected.
  • Exemplary customer service and support for your plan, including when you need to make claims.


There are very few companies in the insurance industry with the combination of specialization and service offered by Protx Risk Management, because there are very few that put their entire energy into providing coverage for senior living facilities. Using their baseline as a standard leads to an obvious conclusion, too.