coastal waters definition for insurance

How to Know if You Need Coastal Insurance

Many people dream of living near the water whether for seasonal vacations, retirement or for their daily life. But how do you know if your home owners insurance policy protects that investment? Understanding the coastal waters definition for insurance can help you determine if your home has increased exposures. If your home does have greater exposures, an insurance agent or broker can help you obtain a coastal insurance plan.

Coastal Waters Definition

The biggest key to determining whether or not your home requires coastal insurance is how far it is from the coast. Homes within three miles of the coast usually require additional insurance. Coastal insurance includes additional coverage options for things such as wind, hurricanes and named-storms. Each policy might define coastal waters a little different. However, the US legal definition includes the following:

  • Wetlands
  • The ocean
  • Estuaries
  • Territorial seas
  • Estuarine zone waters

Coverage You Need

Based on the coastal waters definition for insurance, a home in those areas has increased exposures to disasters. A comprehensive policy often includes separate deductibles for named-storms, wind and hurricanes. The insurance plan usually includes both a traditional home owners policy and added coverage for coastal living. The added coverage better protects your investment, so you can enjoy more time enjoying the coastal life.