data breach insurance

When Hackers Target Your Business

So, you run a business with an online database. Nowadays, many business owners do. Unfortunately, there are some risks involved. Here, you can learn about the kinds of hackers that might target your business and how insurance keeps you safe.


For a lot of people who invest in data breach insurance, hackers end up in their mind one way or another. While there are other cyber risks, hackers are absolutely among them. Some simply have malicious intent, while others may be hacking a business for social or political reasons.

Disgruntled Employee

Most people have heard horror stories about the disgruntled employee who tries to sabotage the company after he or she is fired. Unfortunately, this can be a real risk. What is beneficial about data breach insurance is that when you have it, often an investigation is covered. You can find out who hacked your business and the proper legal steps can be taken.

Phishing Scam

These scams go around every once in a while. Essentially, an employee or customer will receive an email. Sometimes this email will be designed to look like it comes from your company to trick them into entering personal information.

Data breach insurance is an additional protection against hackers that may target your business. Given how much important data is stored in technology, staying safe is your best option.