Guard Your Investment With the Proper Marine Insurance

If you own or run a business that deals with marine recreation, you should take steps to ensure that your company is properly protected with a good insurance plan. Here are three things to consider when choosing a policy for your organization.

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?

Merrimac Marine Insurance specializes in meeting the needs of several segments in the marine industry. Policies are applicable to marine manufacturers, ship repairers, marine surveyors, marinas, and yacht clubs. Plans also provide coverage for boat dealerships, builders, and commercial marine entities. They may likewise be utilized in the manufacturing industry when dealing with parts and accessories.

What About Property Concerns?

Protecting your property is extremely important when it comes to guarding your investment and running a successful company. Look for policies that include coverage for surrounding structures such as wharves, docks, and piers. Any watercraft that is utilized in your business should also be protected. Tools and equipment such as lifts should be covered, along with boat show, exhibition, or business income complications.

Will I Need Liability Coverage?

Without question, you will want to choose a policy that guards your organization against liability lawsuits in order to avoid financial disasters. In addition to implementing workers compensation insurance and other plans that will give you a cushion in case of crisis, Merrimac Marine Insurance can also assist with risk management and the design of proactive plans for disasters such as hurricanes.

Proper Protection

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to liabilities and other issues. Enroll in an appropriate insurance plan today.