Boat repair insurance

Get Coverage for the Unexpected

For many boat owners, their vessel is a hard-earned token of their boating passion. When something goes wrong, they count on skilled professionals to complete the repairs and return their pride and joy in mint condition. For the people doing the repairs, investing in boat repair insurance offers peace of mind in the event of an unseen mishap.

Marine repairers have a unique skill set that lets them complete a range of repairs as well as the knowledge to clean and winterize boats. They have specialized know-how in working with fiberglass and electronics, expertise in welding and painting, and even the ability to fix a dock. Unfortunately, even for an expert, the unexpected can happen.

Boat repair insurance coverage for specialized marine repairers include property, casualty and comprehensive liability. The benefits of these will help cover liability issues that may arise when completing repairs or operating a third-party’s boat. This type of coverage usually includes:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Installation of electronics, mechanical systems and HVAC
  • Servicing engines
  • Interior and exterior detailing, cleaning and finish work
  • Woodworking
  • Canvas, sail and upholstery installation or repair

As a professional craftsmen, quality, knowledge and integrity are vital components of handling other people’s property. For that rare chance that something should go wrong, talk to an expert to find the right boat repair insurance.