Construction general liability insurance

What is General Liability Insurance for Construction Companies?

General liability insurance is the basis for many insurance policies provided to construction companies. Many clients or subcontracting companies will require a company to carry general liability insurance before doing business with a company. Construction general liability insurance is a fundamental piece of insurance that construction companies will hold to protect themselves from lawsuits and other issues. Financial liabilities are everywhere, and it is best to be protected and insured from these potential mishaps or accidents.

What Will General Liability Insurance Cover?

In today’s atmosphere, many people are likely to look for a reason to seek out financial compensation for damages than ever before. General liability insurance can protect your company and employees from potential accidents and subsequent litigation. General liability insurance also protects construction companies from:

  • Financial loss from litigation
  • Accidental property damage
  • Accidental bodily harm or injury

Construction general liability insurance provides peace of mind for employers and employees alike. Employers can be at ease when taking on new projects with clients and perform work without fear of a devastating financial claim. Employees covered under the policy are protected in that they will not be individually responsible for an accident. General liability is a necessary base coverage that each construction company should carry to avoid potential losses or litigation.