Restaurant Insurance in California

General Liability Coverage Important for Restaurants

With the uncertainties of running a restaurant on a day-to-day basis, general liability insurance for every restaurant is something no owner should be without. Accidents occur all the time in the food service industry, and customers can suffer serious injury despite your attempts to run a safe establishment. Even a minor accident can lead to a lawsuit, and this can result in a large financial award against your company.

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is designed to cover slips, trips and falls, or any incident that results in bodily injury, as well as situations involving property damage. For example, property damage occurring while operating a restaurant would fall under coverage provided by your CGL policy available as Restaurant Insurance in California.

Most policies cover business property, including the building, signage, computer systems, equipment or furnishings, and the property of others in the care, custody or control of that business’s owner.

Types of liabilities covered

When someone becomes sick and fault lies in the food they were served you’ll be covered under your CGL policy. The basic risks covered by the policy include any liability exposures associated with the building and surrounding premises. CGL can also protect a business owner hosting off-site events that their business sponsors or caters to. In the event equipment used to keep food hot accidentally starts a fire at a bat mitzvah, any resulting damages would likely be considered a covered loss.

Liability insurance helps cover medical expenses, attorney fees and damages that you, as an owner, can be found legally responsible for. It also offers protection against situations occurring at any restaurant, nightclub or bar at risk for a liability lawsuit for any number of exposures that could result in losses stemming from judgments, court costs and other factors.

A business owner’s policy is another option

Many food service businesses purchase a package policy called a business owner’s policy, or BOP, which combines general liability insurance coverage with property insurance for a single affordable rate. Every general liability policy can be customized and tailored to meet the exact needs of any business through endorsements. Some endorsements will help broaden coverage while others may delete or restrict your core insurance coverages.

Because policies and coverage vary by carrier, it’s helpful to get expert advice on the best Restaurant Insurance in California in order to choose from the various options available.