film production insurance

Finding Insurance Coverage For Your Film Production

Given the risks involved when producing a film, it is of utmost importance that you carry an adequate amount of insurance. Without the proper coverage, one accident or negligent act can impact can put an end to your production and impact future ones. If you’re unaware of what you need in terms of film production insurance, here’s a summary of what you should know and the types coverages you should expect to carry.

What is Production Insurance?

It is a type of policy that covers your company financially during the time of your production. Among other things, it protects your company from liability in case of an injury, protects your property and equipment against loss and protects you against copyright claims.

What Type of Coverages Are Available?

Some of the coverages that are available under production insurance include:

  • Liability insurance in case a third party is injured or their property is damaged during your production.
  • Property insurance in case your equipment or facilities are damaged because of a fire, storm or other covered incident.
  • Workers’ Compensation in case an employee gets injured during production.

How Long Are You Covered?

The length of time you can be covered by film production insurance varies. Depending on your needs, you can purchase short-term insurance for as little as one day to long term insurance that can cover one extended project or multiple projects.

There are many other coverages available depending on your needs. Find an experienced agent who can help customize your policy to meet those needs and limit your exposure to risks.