Expanding Your Business to International Markets

Once a business has become successful in the United States, expanding to foreign countries may be a viable option for growth. Testing the international markets is the first step to determining the potential for success. Usually to test a market a business will send a representative with samples, information, and other merchandise. ATA Carnet insurance can help make this process affordable. A carnet is a document that simplifies the customs process so that a business can bring merchandise into a country temporarily and avoid taxes and other fees.


Any sort of business can benefit from a carnet. Tech companies can more easily set up booths at conventions with samples of their products. Musicians are able to bring the equipment they are used to using without having to pay large fees. Retailers could bring samples of their products to show potential distributers. Without a carnet, bringing these types of items through customs would be a hassle and could be costly.


An ATA carnet is a great way to get merchandise temporarily into a foreign country, but it does not come without risk. For example, if the merchandise is stolen or lost and does not leave the country, you may be responsible for taxes and duties. ATA carnet insurance can protect you in case anything like that should happen. Insurance will allow you to get the most out of your carnet by allowing you to explore foreign markets worry-free.