cheap auto insurance in VA

What Every Virginia Family Needs to Know About Auto Insurance

The average annual cost for car insurance in Virginia is currently over $1,000, easily surpassing the national average, forcing you—especially if you have multiple vehicles and drivers to insure—to look for ways to reduce premiums. Thankfully, getting cheap auto insurance in VA isn’t a pipe dream. There are a few simple things that your family can do to help keep your premiums manageable.

Consolidating Plans

This may surprise you, but your family may qualify for significant premium discounts if you centralize the management of all your household policies with one company. Talk to your insurance agent about combining the following:

  • Your own vehicle insurance policies
  • Other household members’ car insurance policies
  • Your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies
  • Any insurance policy you may have on an RV or watercraft

These policies are often added piecemeal as a family’s needs evolve. However, centralizing them can make them more cost-effective and efficient to manage.

Re-evaluating Needs

You may be paying for more car insurance than you need. Re-evaluate your comfort level with your current deductible, because changing your deductible from $100 to $500 or $1,000 can make a substantial difference in your premium costs. In addition, if you have an older vehicle that’s already paid off, you probably don’t need the same level of coverage now than when the car was still brand new.

Consider making some of these simple changes to help you get what you’ve been looking for. When it comes to cheap auto insurance in VA for your family, you can shop without sacrificing quality or convenience.