car insurance in Tennessee

Why Every Driver Needs Car Insurance

Car insurance is required by law to protect others from loss in the event you cause an accident. However, insurance can also protect you and your property when you select the right plan. If you’re looking for car insurance in Tennessee, here are some plan details to consider.

Uninsured Drivers

Though each state requires car insurance, not all drivers have it. If you are in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have insurance, your policy can protect you from loss so that you don’t pay for damages out of pocket. If the other driver does have insurance, but the policy doesn’t cover all expenses, your plan can take on the remaining balances.

Medical Coverage

If you or your passengers suffer physical injuries because of an accident, your car insurance policy can cover medical expenses for everyone in your vehicle. Such expenses can include diagnosis, treatment and medication.

Comprehensive Coverage

Some plans include protection against damages other than accidents such as fire and theft. If someone breaks into your car or vandalizes the exterior, your insurance can help pay to replace your belongings and repair any internal and external damages.

Not Sure What Your Plan Covers?

If you don’t know what your car insurance in Tennessee covers, call your agent and discuss your plan’s details. Make sure you have enough insurance to fully protect you and your passengers.