End-to-End Insurance Solutions for Your Financial Institution

When it comes to protecting your financial institution from potential risks, FGIB has everything you need. While some insurance providers deal strictly in crime insurance, professional liability or cyber liability, their agency offers comprehensive policies that cover it all. They understand that even a slight disruption can mean the loss of thousands to millions of dollars, and not just for you but for your shareholders and customers as well. Their goal is to help institutions like yours identify all possible exposures, mitigate risks and safeguard your assets and your reputation. They do that by offering the following insurance solutions:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Interruption
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Environmental Liability
  • Business Interruption

Their coverage goes above and beyond and protects their clients from incidences of crime as well, including employee dishonesty, wire fraud, and extortion. Unfortunately, financial institutions are primary targets for these types of activities. In order for them to operate at maximum efficiency, and without having to worry about criminal threats, they need a guaranteed solution, which they will find with FGIB.

Additionally, the financial industry is at a greater risk for cyber threats than any other industry. Coverage for cyber attacks and privacy breaches is necessary in order to ensure the continued confidentiality of customer information, private data and deposited funds.