Employers Need Coverage for Accidents and Injuries

Most business owners know the negative ramifications of not insuring employees for work-related injuries. If one of your employees is injured on the job, or sustains an occupational disease or illness as a result of their employment, you’re going to need workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles to file a claim and re-mediate the situation.

Employees that develop an injury during the course of their employment, or any disease or infection as a result of work are entitled to compensation under the law in practically every state. The only requirement is that the injury or illness must occur within the scope of their employment. Any injuries occurring during commuting to the job or during non-work related activities would generally not be covered under a workers’ compensation claim.

Common job-related injuries

Some typical job related injuries include back strains or sprains, knee injuries, elbow injuries, shoulder injuries, and injuries related to lifting, or pulling and pushing heavy equipment or objects for work specific purposes. Occupational illnesses can include anything from toxic exposures over a long period of time, to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is common for workers who spend an inordinate amount of time working on computers, or performing other repetitive tasks.

Workers are responsible for reporting their workplace injury or work-related illness to their employer as soon as the accident or injury occurs, or as soon as time permits. When an employee is involved in a work-related accident, the state requires that they report the incident to their employer within thirty days of the date of the accident.

Also, if a doctor informs the injured party that they are suffering from a work-related injury or illness, they are again required to report the injury or illness to their employer within thirty days of the date that their doctor told them this information. Failure to report within the timeframe required will often result in denial of any workers’ compensation claim.

Workers compensation laws are in place to protect the employer as well as his or her employees. Having workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles provides many of the necessary benefits that can have a lasting effect on the employer-employee relationship.