Social Work Insurance

Do I Need Social Work Insurance?

Social workers deal with many difficult issues. Professionals working with the public can make mistakes, and when those mistakes happen, lawsuits may follow.

Social work insurance programs financially protect workers in the event of a legal claim, and premiums are generally low.

Possible Reasons For Lawsuits:

  • Negligence claims arise when individuals or families feel a caseworker could have taken more steps to prevent harm.
  • Financial fraud lawsuits occur when clients believe a social worker has cheated them out of their money.
  • Relationship claims might take place if social workers have personal associations with clients.
  • Malpractice claims may result from unintended errors such as confusion about Facebook privacy settings or not being familiar with ethical standards.

Does Your Employer’s Insurance Cover You?

Many agencies cover their social services employees under their policies. However, this may not be enough. Legal action against you could fall outside of the agency’s coverage. An additional insurance policy may be a good idea.

Employers may require you to carry a certain amount of liability insurance.

Risk Assessment

You could lose your business or your assets due to a lawsuit. If you are concerned about risk, you should consider liability coverage. Clinical​ ​social workers are as likely to be sued as other healthcare providers.

Professional liability insurance can protect you when you are faced with official subpoenas to testify regarding lawsuits or criminal matters.

Social work insurance can be a valuable protection for employees and owners in this occupation.