drilling insurance

Different Coverages for Your Drilling Enterprise

Whether you are a local supplier or an international driller, getting reliable drilling insurance that covers anything that comes your way is vital for a smooth operation. Working with your company’s needs, an insurance agent can build a package that benefits you and your employees. Here are just a few policies that help shield your drilling endeavors.

Product Liability

When sending your product to the processing plants, you may still be held liable for any incident that involves your product. If your product becomes contaminated, polluted or recalled in a way that results in a lawsuit, product liability has you covered.

Down-the-hole Insurance

On-site accidents can set you back money and time. Down-the-hole insurance covers you in case any equipment or injury results when falling down a drill hole.

Pollution Protection

You can never be too sure when drilling in a new area. Possible contamination from groundwater or other operation can find its way into your excavation area. Pollution protection can cover anything that occurs on-site or during the refining process.

Employee Practices Liability

It is important to not discard potential human error. Employee practices liability covers your business in the case of miscalculations that cause injury to persons or property.
Other types of drilling insurance include general liability, medical payments, workers compensation and many more. Work with a trustworthy insurance agent to craft the insurance package that keeps your drilling operations open and productive.