Carmel cyber liability insurance

Cyber Wars: Best Practices for Managing Data Risks

Digital advances make conducting business across time zones as simple as sending an email, uploading a document or processing a wire. Unfortunately, a new breed of cyber pirates is feeding upon the free flow of information.

Connecting users to data sources in a secure manner is a top priority for businesses. Here is a simple best practice guide to protect your cyber security while guarding against a worst-case scenario:

Consult with an Insurance Expert

Acquiring the protection of a Carmel cyber liability insurance policy is a crucial first step in mitigating the damage of a possible data breach.

Educate Your Employees

Statistics show that many people ignore warnings and open suspicious emails. Make sure your workforce understands the danger inherent in phishing expeditions as well as the importance of password security and secure networks.

Legislate Remote Workers

Many companies embrace the concept of working from home, but breaches are more common when employees use their own devices. Initiate device authentication and data encryption procedures.

Institute Everyday Cloud Backup

If your company isn’t backing up data daily, it is time to start. Frequent backups mitigate the damage done by a ransomware attack.

Employ Tools To Detect and Protect

Your company is only as secure as its firewall. Keep your software protection as robust as possible.

No matter how vigilant, there is no guarantee that your company will not be hit by a cyber-attack. Protect your business by acquiring a comprehensive Carmel cyber liability insurance policy.