home insurance in CT

Custom Insurance Policy for Your Connecticut Home

As a homeowner, you want to do everything in your power to ensure your house, property, and valuables are protected. Finding the right home insurance in CT means working with an agency who can accurately appraise the value of your assets. While basic home and personal liability coverage are a good start, full home protection requires a more extensive policy.

Discuss with your broker about adding Replacement Cost coverage to your policy. In the event of a disaster, your policy will cover the complete reconstruction of your home, built to the same standards and materials. Pair this coverage with a personal property policy, and both your house and valuables can be shielded from the risks associated with home ownership.

Certain circumstances require additional coverage. High-risk property assets, like swimming pools, work sheds and fences are only marginally covered by basic homeowners’ policies. To ensure you’re getting the full coverage you need, speak with your broker about any high-risk assets you may have on your property.

Finding quality home insurance in CT doesn’t have to be a struggle. Working directly with an agent, you can customize a policy to your specific needs. From risk assessment to appraisal, make sure your policy covers every inch of your home. Speak with your local agent today.