Creating a Home Inventory Checklist in Case of a Disaster

In case your home was ever faced with a catastrophe, like a fire, for example, it’s a wise decision to take an inventory of everything you have in it. Providing Aegis Specialty Insurance Company a list of your inventory can help you in purchasing the correct amount of insurance, as well as settle a claim more quickly.

Taking the Inventory

Begin by making a list your possessions, describing items of value in detail and where you purchased them, along with makes and models, if applicable. Also attach any appraisals, purchasing contracts and sales receipts—having proof of some kind will always make it easier when making a claim with Aegis Specialty Insurance Company.

Helpful Hints

Here are ways to make what may seem like an overwhelming task easier:

  • Walk through your home videotaping your most important possessions.
  • You can also take pictures of the items, have them developed the old-fashioned way and when you get them back, write the details of items on the other side.

Storing the List in a Safe Place

Probably the best place to keep the list and the attached receipts are in a safe deposit box. When you make additional purchases of value, you just keep adding to it.
Take a look at the Aegis Specialty Insurance Company website. There is additional information on it as to other ways you can protect yourself as a homeowner.