California marina insurance

Coverage for Events at Your Marina

Marina insurance is useful for covering events held at your marina. Anytime people and boats gather, there is the possibility of an accident. Here are a few examples of events where California marina insurance is beneficial.

Sailing Lessons

Whether your marina hosts lessons on a regular basis or infrequently, inexperienced sailors mean and increase in risk. Coverage during lessons can protect students, instructors and any boats damaged during a lesson.


Competition can cause some sailors to throw caution to the wind, which can mean possible accident or injury. Hosting a regatta means accepting this scenario and being prepared with the right insurance coverage.

Social Events

Whether or not your social events include alcohol, high spirits can lead to accidents. Don’t let an incident ruin the event with high costs and loss of trust, purchase insurance to cover your marina and its guests instead.

Weathering Storms

Letting in boats during a storm can reduce the amount of damage caused to these craft, but it doesn’t eliminate all risk. California marina insurance can cover you if damage occurs to boats under your care during a storm.

The right insurance coverage can go a long way toward protecting your marina. Reduce your risk for financial loss by seeking coverage for whatever events you commonly have at your location.