Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance

Cover Your Assets With Cyber Liability Insurance

Living in the 21st century, the use of email, computers, and the internet is an everyday occurrence. This is how individuals and businesses communicate with others, as well as store information. Unfortunately, this is also how data files are breached and viruses are spread to other computers. If your business is unlucky enough to be hit by a cyber attack, it could be liable for any damages suffered by your customers or business partners. That’s why if you live in the Keystone State, it’s probably a good idea to have Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance.

Your company can be exposed to claims because the ordinary general liability insurance policy doesn’t cover cyber crimes or errors. Even though you were also a victim of the attacks and have monetary losses, your customers will hold you liable for their sensitive information being hacked. The same holds true if you accidentally transmit a computer virus that was planted by an outside source through no fault of your own. A cyber liability policy will protect your company against the costs connected with hack attacks, the accidental release of private information, and the damages sought by customers and business partners. There are even insurance companies that offer cyber insurance policies. These policies cover you when a computer security problem shuts down your network, causing the loss of business income.

Since just about everything is connected to cyberspace, having Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance will give you peace of mind just in case the unthinkable happens.