Carmel business owner policy

Common Components of a BOP

For entrepreneurs in Carmel, a business owner policy serves as an essential hedge against major financial losses. However, selecting the right kind of policy and options is just as important as having coverage in place. Learning the basics components of most BOPs is a good starting point in shopping for business insurance.

BOPs Offer Basic Protection and More

The typical business owner policy usually includes two critical types of coverage: property and liability. Property will generally cover losses involving your business land and buildings, but many versions also include personal effects belonging to you, your employees, your customers, your vendors or anyone else that happen to be on the premises at the time a loss occurs. You might also include features such as mobile property, valuable papers, money and securities to your coverage. Liability coverage is incorporated into most BOPs to address accidents and injuries on your premises as well as damages from incidents caused by employees, vendors or your authorized agents while conducting your business. Some BOPs allow the addition of business interruption insurance to handle costs incurred during an unexpected stoppage of your operations.

For your company in Carmel, a business owner policy is a sound investment. To complete your risk management strategy, speak with your insurance agent. He or she will work to understand your business’ needs and suggest customized coverage to protect you against significant losses.