Cemetery Insurance Program

Choosing the Best Cemetery Insurance Program

Running a funeral business requires many skills. You must balance providing respect and reassurance to grieving people with efficiently managing day-to-day operations. Make things easier on yourself by working with professionals to design a quality cemetery insurance program for protection in multiple ways.

Liability Coverage

People whose loved ones are buried or interred in the cemetery will be visiting the property repeatedly after the funeral. Furthermore, you also have vendors and business-related visitors onsite. The right coverage protects you from liability in the event of injuries and mishaps. The best protection extends to customers and members of the public as well as delivery personnel. Another type of liability coverage you need is workers’ compensation, so you should have this vital feature in your coverage requirements.

Professional Protection

A thorough cemetery insurance program also protects you against claims of financial injury due to omissions, errors, and negligence. Ask for a policy that also offers coverage for your company’s directors and officers against litigation.

Commercial Coverage

Your insurance package should also include commercial vehicle coverage, as your company vehicles must be on the road to collect and transport remains. Another aspect of your business that you may not always consider is protection for cemetery property against damage from weather, theft, and vandalism.

The best insurance package will cover all aspects of your particular funeral business so you can discharge your duties with peace of mind.