Owens Group

Coverage That Lasts Generations

For six decades, the Owens Group has helped in the commercial and life dreams of generations of different businesses and families. Our own company’s core…

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truck cargo insurance providers

Don’t Skip Out on Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Truck cargo insurance protects the transporter in the event of lost or damaged freight. An uninsured load may serve a devastating blow to your company…

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blanket bond

Why Blanket Bonds Are a Necessary Investment

Many businesses that deal with finances must understandably take great strides to protect their assets. Being entrusted with large amounts of money is arguably one…

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Commercial launderers insurance

Protecting Against the Biggest Risks in Commercial Laundering

Running a commercial laundry operation means there’s specific risks that normally wouldn’t come with a traditional business. Commercial launderers insurance exists to manage these issues…

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First Nonprofit insurance company

Why a Nonprofit Needs an Insurance Company

Nonprofit organizations fill a vital role in their community. Like any other organization, they cannot exist without qualified employees and the right protection. First Nonprofit…

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insurance for yacht clubs

Yacht Clubs: Insurance for Safer Events

Whether you plan to have racing, regatta, training or social events, acquiring specially designed insurance for yacht clubs can mean the difference between continued operation…

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Axis Insurance Services

Powerful Insurance Built for Your Business

Insurance plays a crucial role in your business. Without the correct protection, you can be left paying high costs from your own wallet. Meanwhile, great…

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wholesale transportation insurance

What Is a Wholesale Retail Insurance Agency?

Wholesale insurance coverage is for employer groups that are smaller than average, so they may not qualify for group coverage. Wholesale insurance is also franchise…

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PLI insurance

Public Liability Insurance: Coverage for the Public

If you run a business that frequently interacts with those who are not your employees or others who work with you, then there can, unfortunately,…

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Irving Insurance

Unique Industries Needing Liability Protection

If your company has unique elements, such as dry-cleaning, uniform rental, linen supplier, restaurant management or even grocery store operations, the team at Irving Insurance…

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