The Benefits of Drip Marketing for Your P/C Agency

If your property/casualty insurance agency deals with a range of industries, you are always looking for a way to efficiently nurture your leads. You don’t want to miss any opportunity, but you also need to keep your eye on many different types of clients. Many P/C agencies are using drip marketing to maintain contact with leads. This type of insurance email marketing sends automated emails that are informative and engaging, keeping your agency on the mind of a potential client.


Automation Saves You Time


There’s no question that taking advantage of automation is a significant timesaver for any business. P/C agencies need to maintain relationships with potential clients who have a variety of insurance needs. Using drip marketing to make regular email contact with these leads all at once saves you phone time until you feel you have made enough contact. You can even set a predetermined schedule for each “drip”, or email contact, so that you will never forget to nurture your leads.


Good Content Gets You Noticed


Every email in a drip marketing campaign should have engaging content that is not simply advertising. For example, if you send specific information about preventing loss on income-producing properties, you will get the attention of potential clients with vulnerable property. Informative content generates awareness and interest.


You know how important it is to get your P/C agency noticed. Using insurance email marketing creates and maintains interest without a large effort. The efficiency of drip marketing allows you to concentrate on closing deals with potential clients who received and appreciated your engaging content.