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Is Your Bar Protected in These 3 Areas?

As a bar owner, you know that, come the weekend, you may take a central role in people’s fun. You make sure that you provide a clean and safe environment to relax, drink, make new friends or party with old ones. However, did you know that you may be brought to court over a number of different incidents? To avoid this frustrating and costly occurrence, make sure you can fight the claims with bar liability insurance programs that cover these three areas.

Assault and battery coverage: You may have experienced firsthand how conflict can arise when your patrons are drinking. Whether it is friends falling out, strangers fighting over incendiary comments, or your employees handling a conflict too personally, assault and battery claims may fall on your shoulders and ultimately your profits.

Product coverage: Have you ever had a patron complain of food or drink poisoning after visiting your establishment? This could turn into litigation if your bar liability insurance programs don’t cover incidents related to consumed food or drink.

Liquor liability: If your patron leaves your bar while intoxicated, you could be on the line for any injuries or losses that occur due to his or her drunk driving. This insurance program usually provides claims investigations to keep you from being blamed.

If you have these three areas covered, you can work without the fear that a claim could ruin your business and bottom line. Your future patrons may thank you.