Foundation for Teacher Success

A Code of Ethics Provides a Foundation for Teacher Success

Teaching the young minds of this world is a challenging but rewarding experience. Teachers are the biggest role models in children’s lives outside of their caregivers. Following a code of ethics for teachers provides a foundation from which every other aspect of educating students builds.

A Teacher’s Code of Ethics

As an educator, you do more than convey important information that expands knowledge and skills. You also set an example by which your students learn personal integrity, honesty, fairness and perseverance.

Your success in the classroom is as dependent upon your ability to demonstrate strong personal characteristics as it is your skills at developing and delivering lessons. A code of ethics for teachers includes the following basic ideas:

  • Students are your first priority.
  • All students are treated equally and fairly.
  • Job commitment includes maintaining a safe and secure classroom environment where kindness and acceptance are expected, and where bullying and dishonesty are not tolerated.
  • Respect is extended to all students and their families, as well as other school faculty and staff.
  • Learning is an ongoing process for you and your students.

Maintaining a strong code of ethics in the classroom provides teachers with a foundation for how they operate on a daily basis, even on the most challenging days. The way teachers comport themselves creates a lasting impression that has implications far beyond any single lesson taught.