4 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

Sometimes you may wonder why you need to get so many different types of insurances. With all of the premiums and other costs, insurance can be really expensive. However, in the long run insurance does save you money and it gives you lots of peace of mind. You should get at least the general car insurance in CT for the following reasons:

  1. It’s Lawful – Most states in the United States require that drivers have a certain amount of insurance. Only in New Hampshire and Virginia is it legal for vehicle owners to not have insurance on their cars.
  2. It Protects You – Car insurance protects you from having to pay to fix damages to your car, to the other driver’s car, to someone’s property and from so much more.
  3. It Protects Your Passengers – Not only will insurance pay for your medical bills, but many coverages will also pay for the medical bills of your passengers.
  4. It Protects Everyone on the Road – Finally, your car insurance can protect others on the road or property owners with fences or mailboxes near the road.

Car accidents can really drain your finances and leave you without any options. When you have car insurance, even just the general car insurance in CT, it protects you and your money if you were ever to get in an accident. Talk to an insurance provider today to figure out what your options are.