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3 Things Every Nursing Home Needs

Providing care for an aging population is a difficult job, especially in the age of COVID-19. When adult children choose a nursing home for their parents, they want a home that will provide care with dignity, respect and concern. They want a home that provides a safe environment and practices good hygiene. To meet the needs of a changing society, here are 3 things every nursing home needs to have.

  1. Workers Who Mitigate Risk

It is more important now than ever before that the workers who come into daily contact with facility residents practice good hygiene to protect themselves as well as their patients against illnesses. Keep your staff in one location, and if possible, to one quadrant of your facility to prevent the spread of viruses and other ailments.

  1. Good Insurance

As people live longer, dementia becomes more common. Patients with dementia pose special risks to nursing facilities. Keeping the facility secure is vital, but also have a plan for quickly locating residents if they manage to wander away. Because elopement risk is so challenging, protect your business against liability and loss with good insurance.

  1. Professional Counselors

Adjustment is difficult for anyone, but especially an older person who has always cared for themselves. Keep someone on staff who can help residents adjust to change and loss.