Host Liquor Liability

3 Surprising Scenarios Requiring Host Liquor Liability

Anywhere liquor is available, the potential for trouble follows. People who have consumed too much alcohol can cause serious car accidents, property damage, injuries to other and more. Many people don’t realize that it isn’t just establishments that sell alcohol that need coverage. These are three surprising scenarios where host liquor liability coverage may be required.

Restaurants Allowing Patrons to Bring Their Own Alcohol

Many eateries circumvent costly liquor licenses by simply allowing patrons to bring and consume their own adult beverages on-premises. However, restaurants can still be held accountable for damages and legal fees stemming from alcohol-related incidents, even if they aren’t the ones providing intoxicants.

Social Halls Offered for Rent

Organizations that provide a hall for rent should consider purchasing host liquor liability insurance. Parties held on premises may include alcoholic beverages served by the host, sometimes in irresponsible quantities that result in significant financial losses caused by intoxicated guests.

Bride and Groom Hosting a Wedding

Many people wouldn’t think they’d need an insurance policy for their wedding day, but it is possible for the of the newlywed couple to land in legal trouble if one of their guests is involved in an alcohol-related incident. While the venue providing the drinks may have its own coverage, the couple hosting the event could also be required to pay damages or legal fees in the event of a serious loss.

Host liquor liability coverage is important to protect against the legal and financial ramifications that arise when people consume alcohol and act irresponsibly.