computer systems dealers’ insurance

3 Signs You Need Computer Dealer Insurance

If you have a thriving computer systems business, you probably want to do everything you can to protect it. For those in the business, computer systems dealers’ insurance can provide peace of mind and protection. Here are three signs you need industry workers compensation coverage.

You Have Employees

If you have employees, you likely need a workers compensation insurance program. Whether it is an on-the-job injury or chronic injury caused by years of repetitive work, employees get hurt. Without sufficient insurance, you could be on the hook for medical expenses and compensatory payments. In some cases, that expense could range into the millions of dollars.

You Want to Save Money

Many computer systems dealers are eligible for dividend programs. The programs return a portion of workers compensation premiums to participating dealers. This can help you save money while securing protection for you and your employees.

You Like Other Benefits

If you participate in a dividend program, your group might provide other attractive benefits. Many dealers take advantage of labor union negotiating services, + Add New Category training, and information sharing.

If you are in the computer systems business, you should take advantage of computer systems dealers’ insurance for your workers compensation needs if you want both protection and benefits.