manufacturer insurance in Orlando

3 Benefits of Business Insurance for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing items for sale or use requires precision engineering. While you work to make sure every wheel turns and every foundation is strong, there are still a lot of moving parts in machines. That leaves a lot of room for error however meticulous you may be. Invest in manufacturer insurance in Orlando to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit.

Employee Injury

Workers compensation insurance helps cover employee injuries while on the job. With all the machinery used in manufacturing, there is potential for an accident. The insurance may even be necessary in some states.

Building Fire

With welders and various machinery running hot through the factory or warehouse, the potential for fire grows. Protect your property if flames start with fire insurance and property insurance.

Product Failure

Even if the product submitted to the client is sound, the client can allege that the product doesn’t meet contract specifications and file a claim. Lawsuits are costly whether or not the company is at fault. Errors and omissions insurance policies help cover those costs reducing the financial strain on the company.

Plan for an accident with manufacturer insurance in Orlando then put your focus on creating necessary and exciting products. Insurance offers peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you do best.