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3 Additional Types of Liability Needed for Music Venues

Working in the hospitality industry allows you the opportunity to host live music and other performances. If you own your club, though, you need music venue insurance. Music venues come with particular risks for their proprietors. In addition to the general liability that is likely part of your standard commercial insurance package, you may need three other types of liability to be fully covered.

1. Liquor Liability

Any place that serves alcohol is advised to have a liquor liability policy. If a patron is over-served or gets involved in a drunk driving accident after leaving your establishment, you could be held liable for some of the damages.

2. Assault and Battery Coverage

Most people go to music venues to have a good time but sometimes fights to break out. If someone is injured during a fight or makes a claim that your staff used excessive force, you need an insurance policy that can cover the associated expenses.

3. Excess Liability

Every liability policy has its limits. What happens when the damages exceed those limits? Excess liability provides extra coverage in these situations.
There are specific risks involved in the hospitality industry. Insurance from RMS Hospitality Group keeps the party going at your music venue by making sure all potential liability problems are covered.